More than 20 years have passed since we entered the 21st century. Japan and the rest of the world, while experiencing many difficulties and changes, are moving forward and developing without stopping.
Since our establishment in 1987, we have continued to develop mechanical multi-story parking facilities with the goal of playing a role in the development of social infrastructure by providing safe and convenient storage space for the rapidly increasing number of automobiles that accompany the development of a country or city.
To date, we have installed the system not only in Japan, but also in China, Singapore, Australia, Romania, Iran, and other countries, and projects are underway in the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Iraq.

I was able to come into contact with people from all over the world as I spread the stage to other countries. When we manufacture and install machines, despite the language and cultural barriers, I have come to feel that the barriers have been gradually lowered through on-site efforts and problem-solving efforts. If 5G networks are developed globally, the barriers will disappear.

In the future, the so-called automobile society will undergo further changes. The shift to electric vehicles has begun, and flying cars like drones are on the way to practical use. Cars are needed more and more after experiencing the coronavirus. But there are limits to how small and light a car can be, and the need for parking space will never change.
We will continue our efforts and progress toward a society where automobiles can be used more safely and conveniently with our company's technologies. Please look forward to it.

Vision of parking systems
harmonizing with the city 

PresidentKiyotsugu Miyaji

Envisioning a Comfortable City
Safer and more comfortable motorized society of the future

We, M.P.E. Corporation, believe that securing parking space, which is a social problem, through effective use of land, thorough safety and rationality, improvement of technology, and realization of various services will lead to social contribution, and we are working on it every day.

We want to spread our technology all around the world.
We will keep challenging ourselves.

Corporate Information

Company Name
3-6-501 Tennojicho Kita, Abeno-ku, Osaka 5450001
Tel:+816-6776-2769 Fax:+816-6776-2784
Date of October 1987
Twenty millions yen
President Kiyotsugu Miyaji
Business substance
Development, plan, design, manufacture, construction, management and maintenance of mechanical parking system, and consultation about parking system.
Technical business partner
Fanavaran Sanat Milad Co.(Iran)
Arcadia Engineering SRL(Romania)
TAKA Co., Ltd.(Japan)
Patent and Licence
Japan: 5 patents, Taiwan: 2 patents, Korea: 1 patent, China: 1 patent, Iran: 1 patent, Romania: pending
Special parking device, length-way type elevator slide, side-way type elevator slide and the other nine licenses.
Mitsuisumitomo bank Namba branch
OSAKA SHINKIN BANK (a kind of Japanese bank) Suminoe branch
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Namba-Ekimae branch