Regular maintenance and emergency response for safe and reliable use

Periodic maintenance is required to use the mechanical parking system comfortably (separate maintenance contract is required). Regular maintenance includes inspection of each part of the vehicle and refueling.

We also replace parts that have deteriorated over time, and check and report on wear and tear conditions caused by machine operation.

In the event of emergency problems such as inoperability when using the parking lot, we will instruct and respond by communicating with our maintenance partner.

It is also possible to diagnose malfunctions over the Internet, so it can handle problems in remote locations.

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Regular maintenance contract


Emergency response


Improving the efficiency of parking lot management through the use of IoT
Remote Monitoring and Maintenance System

This is a system for remotely monitoring and diagnosing the operating status of mechanical parking equipment. This is done by connecting a communication device to the control computer of the system, and remotely reading and analyzing the control signals of the system, thereby monitoring the operational status of the system remotely 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, just like elevators.

By reading the control signals remotely, it is possible to detect the occurrence of a failure, identify the location of the failure, and detect signs of component deterioration that may lead to a failure, even outside of regular maintenance and inspection periods, thereby enabling speedy responses such as minimizing equipment downtime.

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance System


Taking advantage of the flexibility that only the cloud can provide, the system can be expanded as the number of parking lots increases, and costs can be optimized as the business expands.
We will also be able to improve the efficiency of system operation for mechanical multi-story parking lots in China and Southeast Asia, where we are planning to expand our business, through a centralized monitoring system using a remote monitoring and maintenance system.


Using IoT to Improve Parking Lot Management Efficiency
Remote Monitoring and Maintenance System

Responding to customer needs at low cost
Renovation work

Renewal work includes parts that could not be addressed during regular maintenance, remodeling of passenger car cabins for high-roof use, replacement of motors and chains, and addition of new functions (such as Internet communication).
Since the structure of the machine is simple and there are few special parts, the work can be done relatively inexpensively and quickly.

Renovation work

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