Through technical cooperation, we are able to build around the world with advanced technology and at reasonable prices. Our technical partners can introduce the technology if they have the skills to fabricate steel structures, and can construct various types of parking facilities with advanced technology through our technical guidance in various locations. Maintenance is also available via the Internet.
In order to differentiate ourselves from other companies, we have an international patent that protects our technical partners from competition.
Overseas, we have received orders for 4,700 pallets in Korea, 760 pallets in Taiwan, and a total of about 600 pallets in China, Singapore, Iran, Romania, and Australia.

■Acquisition of technologies and qualifications necessary for overseas expansion
 (1) We have obtained 9 kinds of certificates from the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation of Japan.
 (2) We have acquired ISO9001 and ISO2000 certifications for the establishment of manufacturing and installation processes.
 (3) Maintenance is possible via the Internet.
 The cycle time can be improved by performing the pallet transfer operation in three axes simultaneously.
 (5) We can obtain an international application number for our patent in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.
 (6) The patent protects our technical partners from competition.
 (7) Each mechanical part is simple and easy to manufacture and assemble.