As many know, Japan is an island nation with limited land area
And in the 1970s, as the country entered a motorization era, traffic congestion in the urban areas became a large social problem.

Our company believes acquiring reasonable parking spaces can help solve urban traffic congestion.
For more than 30 years, since its establishment in 1987, our company
has been an ambassador of the Multi-Level Parking System.

No, we are not a large corporation, but attain the same safety technologies as well-known companies.
With our maintenance services being highly rated, we have established our Multi-Level Parking System in 152 locations in Japan with over 4,000 pallets,
and more than 7,500 pallets in 111 locations in 6 countries outside of Japan.

In 2021, there are 25,000 pallets in 4 countries that we received in inquiries.

A Multi-Level Parking System can not only solve traffic jams,
its anti-crime and theft measures have become increasingly recognized.
Our company has numerous patented technologies with over 30 years of accumulated knowledge in the field as our proven trust.

Our company’s Multi-Level Parking System features “5SPF”
Spaceless, Saving, Simple, Safety, Speedy and Silent.

Flexible design to meet a variety of land shapes,
It can move up & down, traverses and turns in three axes.
By ensuring a parking space above the front open areas,
You can make the most of your available land space.
(150~160% more efficient than our competitors)

The biggest feature is its cost efficiency.
It is true that the initial construction cost may be higher than companies abroad, However, with advance durability, safety, energy efficiency and maintenance cost,
We hope to find your interest that our company has an advantage overall.

Our simple structure and automatic safety controls system enables easy operation even for a first-time user with a touch of their finger.

We are not only dedicated to offer safety for parking customers, but our maintenance services extend to overseas through our specialized local partners. From Japan to the world, we are able to check machine status via online and operate it remotely.
In addition, protection of important vehicles from theft is a big advantage of Multi-Level Parking System.
Together with construction design meeting Japanese building standards, it will even stand through an earthquake over magnitude 7.0
Fire prevention is also fully covered.

Compared to the usual Puzzle method that can only move one vehicle at a time,
The speed of entering and exiting has been dramatically improved.
And it’s quiet enough, even for residential areas.
(It takes about 90 seconds to exit)

Our expertise is in Multi-Level, Tower, and Underground Parking Systems.
Per-unit price decreases as the construction size increases, and most orders coming from overseas have been large-scale Multi-Level Parking Systems.
In addition to independent parking systems, integration with commercial facilities, apartments and compound building is also available.

Logical and effective utilization of limited land space, while ensuring crime prevention and safety.
Multi-Level Parking System.
Making your customers and staff smile with reliable Japanese technology,
We look forward to contributing to the development of your city.